We are in need of good partnership in this mission. You can pray, donate, buy handicraft or volunteer. Let's give them bright future!

Funding needs

The operation of an orphanage such as the New Home for Orphan Children (NHOC) requires significant ongoing financial commitment.

As you can imagine, there are many expenses involved in providing quality care and education for active and growing children.

We have the following funding needs:

  • New clothing & footwear for the children of NHOC. Projected Cost: US$400
  • Employ House Mother. Monthly CostL US$35
  • Assistance with ongoing monthly expenses. Approx. US$1050 per month. This is to cover food, school fees, water, electricity, maintenance, staff salaries, medical care, admin expenses, telephone, first aid medicines etc.
  • Assistance with annual expenses. Approx. US$5,500 per year. This is to cover school uniforms, educational materials (books, pencils, crayons), school-fees, Christmas allowances, recreational activities, etc.

Bank wire transfer

If you are interested in donating funds to help us meet the above expenses, please contact us or contribute money through our bank account:

Account Name: Man Bahadur Pariyar Saving Account Number: 0060 1010750017 Bank: Himalayan Bank Ltd, Patan Branch, Nepal BIC (Swift code): HIMANPKA

Our bank not only accepts transfers in Nepali Rupees, but also U.S.Dollars and Euros.

You can sponsor one of the children. You can exchange (e)mail and postcards. Also it is possible to visit your sponsor child. As this is new to us, please email us for more information.