Welcome to NHOC Nepal. We are a christian non-profit social-welfare organization. Our goal is to support orphans, other helpless children and widows.

About Nepal

Children in the street Children living in the streets

Nepal is a small, beautiful country, famous for the majestic Himalayan mountain range, beautiful landscapes, and rich Cultural diversity, and traditionally peaceful people. This country has long been a popular destination for visitors, Explorers, and nature lovers. In spite of natural features, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. With a per capita family income of less than $ 240 per year, most Nepalese live below poverty level. The majority of people still live in villages much the way their ancestors did, without running water, electricity, phones, doctors, or roads. Because of the lack of the poverty, a family became helpless and unsuccessful to bring the light of the education in their childís mind. Thatís why lots of children got helpless, orphans, needy and abandoned.

There are about 5,000 children working and living on the street of urban centre of Nepal. Every year around 500 children are landed in the streets of Kathmandu from different districts of Nepal. Street Children are among the high risk and insecure groups and they are vulnerable to various forms of exploitation and abuses.

The new challenges in working with the street children are the rampant use of drugs, including intra-venous drugs used by some the children. The threat of contracting HIV due to common sharing of needles and unsafe sexual behaviors. Street Youths are gradually being exposed to the world of crime as well.

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