Welcome to NHOC Nepal. We are a christian non-profit social-welfare organization. Our goal is to support orphans, other helpless children and widows.

Testimony of founder

Man, Kamala, Monica and ManishaWith my family (wife and two daughters)

Hindus worship 330 millions gods and goddesses in Nepal. They do have discriminations between peoples and peoples and society and society. Peoples about 20% of total population they are destitute living in vulnerable lives and in social injustice. They are sugras,untouchable and hated cast by major population specially by so called bramhis.Mr Man Bahadur Pariyar(Mark Abraham) is also from that community. Since his childhood he was so familiar in these discriminations. Through his father's great dedication to his children's education Abraham got chance to educate in Mission School in Gorkha and know Jesus Christ and His loves there was no any discriminations. He went to study in Intermediate in Science in 1986 that time he used to go Church in Kathmandu.He received Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

He does have experiences on teachings mathematics, civil assistance and store keeping in project, accounting in church and organizations and 18 years in handicraft business. He is a leader of local church of Gorkha,Tanahun and he started a Church in Kathmandu(Lalitpur).

He is serving Lord with his treasures, talents and times with lovely wife Kamala and three lovely daughters Monica,Manisha and Christina. As he has hard and close experiences on discriminations and lives of orphans,poors and streets children touch his heart.As a Pastor he equipping peoples spiritually through prayers and evangelisms for better and spiritual kingdom of God.In his walk of ministerial field, he saw and found many poor children, orphans and homeless children in the streets where they are looking for food in the dumping then his heart went to them and he cried in his heart. Then he decided to work for these homeless, orphanage and pathless children. Therefore he and his wife by faith with prayers started NEW HOME OF HOPE FOR ORPHAN CHILDREN (NHOC) for orphanage and poor children.Still many more orphanage and poor children they donít have hopes and lives.He try to bring healings to their past and hope to their future.So since 2005 he found a New Home of Hope for Orphanage Children (NHOC Nepal) and Widows Care Mission under care of Widows and Child Care Trust Nepal (Government Registered Charity no: 158/065/66 and SWC affiliated no: 25940/065) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable, Christian-Faith based independent humanitarian organization committed and dedicated to support war victimized, abused, abandoned underprivileged women, widows and orphanage children. WCCT Nepal leading as women and child's rights activist and advocate organization in Nepal.Now 14 children are in NHOC,23 widows/women have got trained and 9 widows/poor women have jobs and better lives.Please pray for this Full Gospel Mission of Nepal to glorify Jesus our Lord.


Man and Kamala

Yours In Christ,
Man Bahadur and Kamala Pariyar